Trish Truong – Introduction

Hello! My name is Trish Truong and I am currently a student at Richard J Daley College. I became interested in the High Altitude Ballooning Project because of my passion for science. I am one of those cliché individuals who look to the sky and see hope for our future. As a child I looked into the night sky and was awestruck by it. I wanted to study astronomy before I even know what it was. This made my curiosity extremely difficult because I grew up in the city, and the only time I could get a clear look at the night sky was during a family trip out of town.

I am currently pursuing an Associates in Engineering Science from Richard J Daley College, and upon completion, I will be transferring to the University of Illinois at Chicago. There, I plan to enroll in their Industrial Engineering program.  I applied for this program because of my interest in NASA and for the chance to have the unique experience of being a participating individual in one of their programs. Growing up, every time I hear about a major launch or project of NASA being announced, it would remind me of that childhood feeling of awe. I feel like through this project, my passion for science will be renewed and open more opportunities for me to learn and explore.

Although I consider being a participant a great opportunity and accomplishment, there are plenty of things I hope to learn this summer. As an Industrial Engineering student, I hope to carry my experiences and knowledge from this program to apply it to my particular field of study. Namely, how to apply to the analytical, experimental, and use of computers in the design, performance, and improvement of the systems we will use to meet our objectives. Also, I want to effectively grow through the learning that comes from taking on different roles in the program, working successfully in many different situations with many different types of people, and to adapt to changes and adversities we will face in the pursuit of our objective.

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