Science Demonstrations


I have been doing Science Demonstrations for more than 20 years.  It is part of a personal mission to make sure that everyone gets a chance to experience some of the more exciting experiments that science has to offer.

If you are interested in having a science demonstration show at your school, please contact: Mike Davis.

A common demonstration show is 30-45 minutes long and has a number of experiments that showcase simple concepts like physical vs. chemical changes, acids and bases, safety, and air pressure.  In short, things bubble, foam, change color, glow in the dark, implode and (safely) explode.  This is a list of demonstrations that I commonly do:

  1. The Burning Book – When I open a black book, it bursts into flames.
  2. Stunt Powder – An unstable powder explodes when I touch it with a lighter.
  3. The Non-Burning Dollar – A dollar is put into a liquid and ignited.  The liquid burns but the dollar remains intact.
  4. Dry Ice Colors – Dry ice is added to a blue liquid and it bubbles and turns yellow.
  5. Dry Ice Bubbles – Dry ice is used to make some large bubbles in a bucket.
  6. Acid – Base Rainbow – A rainbow of solutions is made with bases and it disappears when acid is added.
  7. Magic Jug – A clear liquid is poured into 5 different containers and 5 different colors.  When they are recombined, it makes a clear liquid again.
  8. Liquid Nitrogen – This liquid boils at -196C, and it instantly freezes many objects.  I do several demonstrations with it.
  9. Balloon in the Bottle – A balloon is inflated inside a bottle using air pressure.
  10. Whoosh Bottle – A lighter is passed over a 5 gallon bottle making a large blue flame and a whooshing sound.

The demonstrations are very exciting and give the audience a lot to look at.

The Whoosh Bottle


Stunt Powder


Dry Ice Bubbles