Sara Callahan – Introduction

My name is Sara Callahan and I am a student at Harold Washington College. My academic path has been full of twists and turns. At 18 I began attending college as a art student, but financial circumstances forced me to to abandon that pursuit. After two years of traveling and working a series of unfulfilled jobs I decided that it was high-time to earn a degree, and I returned to school to the City Colleges. I quickly fell in love with science and mathematics because they satisfied my innate intellectual curiosity. After transferring out from the City Colleges I plan to earn an undergraduate degree in chemistry, and then I will go on to pursue a PhD in atmospheric science.

My former Physics professor asked me to apply to the CCC NASA High Altitude Ballooning Fellowship, and I pursued this opportunity because it is in line with many of my atmospheric interests. Both the quantification and the behavioral mechanics of air pollutants is endlessly fascinating to me. Although my overarching goal for this experience is to refine my skills as a computer programer, I would, if possible, like to study air pollution as well.

Outside of school my interests are mainly athletic; I cycle and run everyday. I also volunteer at the Field Museum Zoology department where I help in the preservation process of small mammals from around the world.

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