Giovanni Martinez – Introduction

I am Giovanni Martinez, but most people just call me “Gio”.  I am currently a full-time student at Richard J. Daley College, and will graduate this spring (2015) with an Associate Degree in Science.  At Daley College, I am a part of several clubs: SHPE (Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers), Phi Theta Kappa, and Coding Circle.   I have been an active member of SHPE, one of the largest Hispanic academic societies in the country, for the past two years, and an active member of Phi Theta Kappa, an Honor Society that only accepts the top students of the institution with the highest grade point average.  This past year, I have also joined the Coding Circle, a club dedicated to learning the ins and outs of coding and producing projects in group settings.  After finishing my Associate degree at Daley College, I am transferring to UIC’s Engineering College, where I plan to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Although my long term educational goal is to receive a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, I am currently focused on achieving short term goals, such as research and working on projects.  In taking a step towards achieving my short term goals, I became interested in the NASA High Altitude Ballooning Project when Dr. Misayah, a professor of Biology at Daley College, came into my Physics class to talk about the project.  Dr. Misayah’s enthusiasm and passion for the NASA High Altitude Ballooning Project, and the opportunity to work with professors and other students on the project motivated me to apply.

This summer, I hope to get some good data from the experiment through the manufacturing, calculating, and programming of what our experiments will do.  I am especially looking forward to program Arduinos and Raspberry Pi computers, and seeing the beautiful photos we will be receiving from the larger balloons that can go further into the Earth’s atmosphere.  I also hope to learn from the professors, other students, and the project itself, to better develop my skills in education, teamwork, and open more opportunities for my career.


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