Extra Credit! Judge a Local School Science Fair.


Every year, local schools encourage their students to engage in true scientific inquiry, with all of its usual joy and frustration.  Middle and high school students get the opportunity to explore a question of their choosing, do a little research, try an experiment and report their results.  The absolute best part of a science fair is the forum that provides students  to talk about something they learned with interested adults.

While there are a lot great opportunities in the science fair, for teachers, there are a lot of logistics, which includes the search for judges.  A successful fair needs about 20 or more judges in order to give every student a chance to talk.  A shortage of judges means that the judges that do show up have less time to talk with more students.  It also sends the wrong message to students who are enthusiastic about science.

The schools below all have science fairs coming up in November and December, and they all need judges.  They all have teachers who are charged with running the science fair, and they would love to hear from you.  In 2014, it would be wonderful if these teachers were able to focus more on the quality of their fairs and less on the number of judges.

The assignment can be found here with all of the relevant details.

Click here to access the list in a Google Spreadsheet or scroll through the same list below:



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